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* New coronavirus measures *

・ Health check by staff mask wearing, hand disinfection and temperature measurement.

-Frequent disinfection of places that can be touched, such as cloth, set surfaces, and door knobs.

・ Continuous ventilation, air cleaning with hypochlorous acid water.

・ Guidance with spacing between set surfaces.

* Request to customers *-If you have a mask, wear it during the treatment as much as possible. If you feel unwell, please change it to another day.


TEL: 03-3463-0963 To Ohashi


New Year holidays

We will be closed from December 31 to January 4.


Beauty salon Love 'Lock menu in Daikanyama

If you have special hair such as dreads, blazes and spiral perms, leave it to us.

Hair menu
  • cut

    ¥ 5,500- ¥ 6,000

  • Partial cut

    ¥ 2,000-

  • Color

    ¥ 5,000 ~

  • Perm

    ¥ 9,000-

  • Hair straightening

    ¥ 12,000-

  • treatment

    ¥ 3,000 ~

* Consumption tax will be charged separately.

Other menu
  • Spiral perm

    ¥ 15,000-

  • Cornrow (herb)

    From ¥ 6,300

  • Soft dread

    ¥ 20,000-

  • Dread

    ¥ 35,000-

  • Blaze

    ¥ 40,000 ~

  • Human hair extension

    ¥ 400- ¥ 600

* Consumption tax will be charged separately.


A 2-minute walk from the station.


Store name


Street address

26-5 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11:00 〜 21:00

Regular holiday



Daikanyama's hair salon is the No. 1 store in the region, and is a hair salon with a reputation for high technology and high-quality hair design at a reasonable price. It is well known as a private salon that is easy to visit near the station and has a cozy atmosphere for children and pets.
We are good at foreigner styles such as Blaze, Cornrow, Afro and Dread, which are introduced in magazines and attract special attention.


Take a cornrow or spiral at Daikanyama's beauty salon, Love 'Lock

Please leave special hair and natural style.

The energetic hair design transmitted from Love 'Lock, a popular beauty salon in Daikanyama, has a good reputation, and has kept salon quality in a high class with trust and achievements for over 20 years. The extension that has become mainstream now has a career of over 20 years, and it is a salon boasting the popularity of techniques and sense of special hair design.
Established as a salon for artists, dancers, and apparel, it has been trusted for more than 15 years, and is a retreat salon of a group of creators based in a sensitive house. There are gentle natural styles and cool business styles, so please come to the store.


Review of Love 'Lock, which has a good reputation for extensions and special hair

Run to the forefront of the times with discerning color & cut

  • Female / Late 20s / Part-time job



  • Male / early 20s / part





About us

Daikanyama's beauty salon, Love 'Lock, is the salon quality of the first specialty hair region store

If you choose a hair salon in Daikanyama, you can use the artist's Love 'Lock

We are proud of the fact that the center of Tokyo is also the center of the world, and the high-quality salon's high-quality quality is more than 20 years in the hair extension calendar and more than 20 years in special hair. It is the first specialty hair store in the region. It is a two-minute walk from the station and is a stylish salon where it is located in a quiet residential area and trendy shops. Love 'Lock, where famous artists, dancers and shop assistants go, has a high level of skill in manipulating special hair, cornrows, dreads, blazes, and afro.
It has been evaluated by a wide range of customers and will be able to handle a wide range from kids to the elderly. Business and casual lines are also popular, and arrangements such as soft perms and long shorts are also recommended. It is easy to consult with careful counseling, and it is possible to realize your own style by combining color, perm and cut. Please come to our salon where you can find a cozy stylist that can be passed by models with foreign hair design that specializes in spiral perms.

Please feel free to visit us because the staff will give you a friendly and friendly consultation.

Please feel free to visit us because the staff will give you a friendly and friendly consultation.

We will fulfill your various requests at Love 'Lock, a beauty salon in Daikanyama.

It has both the high technology of the special hair that attracts the most attention in Tokyo, which is always at the cutting edge, and a polite response. Please come to Love'Lock, which has more than 20 years of special hair and 20 years of hair extension. The hidden salon is a renovated house, the first floor is a cozy space with a white space and the second floor is a luxury and gorgeous passionate space that is chosen by ninja models as a private salon . It also has a cozy atmosphere that welcomes customers carefully, and it has a reputation as a peaceful salon with children and pets OK.
It has a reputation for its unique style, and stylists who are familiar with cornrow, dreads, blazes, afro, etc. are available. We recommend casual styles such as soft perms, from foreigners who specialize in spiral perms. Please come to Love 'Lock, which has a reputation for a wide range of customers.